IFL Convention 2020

PDF icon 2020 Convention call booklet

August 26 and 27.  9:00 AM to 1:PM each day



This is required to enter the meeting in addition to the credential form.

AFL-CIO Rules and Guidance for Zoom Meetings:

Per AFL-CIO Governance Rules for Zoom Meeting and Helpful Suggestions to Participate

-        No voice votes will be held.  All votes will take place by delegates using the green “yes” button and the red “no” button to create a record of votes taken.  These buttons can be found by clicking on the “participants” button, and a menu of items including the greed “yes” button and the red “no” button.  Those calling in by phone will have their votes read aloud.

-        The Convention will be recorded.  Anyone who does not consent to the meeting being recorded should not attend or leave the meeting.

-        You must agree to the Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO code of conduct to participate, and be aware that all chats and other things said and done during this meeting are subject to the code of conduct.

-        Only credentialed delegates will be allowed to vote.  Initially you will be put into a waiting room before joining the meeting to ensure your identity as a delegate, staff, or guest.  When joining, please make your screenname read as your name, as well as the organization you are representing.

-        Nominations for elections will take place on the first day, August 26, at 11:00.  Elections, if necessary, will take place at 10:00 AM on August 27th.

-        Guests may be excluded from the online convention by a majority vote of the delegates present.

-        Each delegate, when asking for the floor, must give his or her name, city, national/international, and local union number.

-        All delegates participating may raise points of order, seek recognition to speak, and submit motions for consideration.  Participants can use the “Raise Hand” feature (or *9 on their phone if calling in) to be recognized and also use the chat feature to ask questions.  You may also type into the chat feature that you wish to be recognized.  Additionally, you may contact the Secretary-Treasurer by text message (Pete Hird – 563-212-1529) as well to let us know you are wanting to be recognized to speak.

-        Please mute yourself if you are not talking.

-        The Iowa Federation of Labor Executive Board will serve as the Rules Committee for the IFL Convention, as well as the Constitution committee, and the Resolutions Committee.

-        Each affiliated local, State Organization, local Central Body, Area Labor Federation, Local Trades or Industrial Council, State Retiree Council, Officer and Auditor shall be entitled to the number of votes sent out with the Convention Call. The affiliated locals may divide their votes as the local determines, provided each delegate carries at least one vote.

-        Resources for the 64th Annual Convention will be added in the “Resources” section of this webpage.  It will be periodically updated and will have all materials you will need when the convention starts.

-        Please log on at 8:30 so that we can verify your identity and move you quickly from the waiting room into the main convention room.




PDF icon Iowa employment security law and workers compensation guide 2020

Legislative Scorecard

Delegate List


Proposed Constitutional Changes

Proposed Resolutions

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